Kind of Blue (Bluebird Parade and the Bluebuds – The Donkey, June 4th 2011)

Jon accidentally happened upon County Durham brethren the Bluebuds, aka Justin and Kirk Boulton, when trying to Google his own band.  We liked their songs and style and invited them to support us at our first headlining gig at the Donkey, Leicester’s stellar watering-hole/venue on Welford Road.  Unfortunately, we had neglected to tell them (or […]

Thorpe Satchville Village Hall – May 20th 2011

You may be wondering why our second gig took place in the idyllic village of Thorpe Satchville, Leicestershire.  Suffice it to say there are “connections”.  And you know what?  Thorpe Satchville rocks!  Despite the last-minute bring-your-own issue, they were dancing in the aisles.  There was a strong Fox Inn contingent particularly appreciative, no doubt, of […]

The Musician – Debut Gig and Album Launch – Sunday, March 20th 2011

After what seemed like an eternity finalizing the album, we had our debut outing at the Musician Pub in Leicester.  It was a Sunday afternoon and a very civilized affair indeed.  Ming’s mom and stepdad attended from across the pond, and with other family and friends there, including Laura’s posse from Mansfield, it was a […]