As autumn descends around us, and in this age of instant and repeat gratification, it is both fitting and somehow pleasingly rebellious to have had a weekend of singular experiences that are not for re-play.  Saturday morning: Styx and I represented Bluebird Parade on 103 the Eye, the non-profit community radio station serving Melton Mowbray […]

And on a Lighter (Blue) Note

…BBC 6Music have been playing session tracks tonight from the divine and much-missed Blueboy.  Keith Girdler, rest in peace.

Bluebird’s Chamber

This may well be the blog equivalent of an awkward pause followed by a quick glance at the watch and a proffered, “Mmm, waiting for a friend…wonder what’s keeping them this time?”  In short, there isn’t much to feed back on this week, and I feel a bit embarrassed that you’ve caught me hanging around.  […]


It’s a Saturday, but it feels like a Sunday, or even a Sundry, which means it’s as good a time as any to catch up on events.  There’s nothing like making a list and then crossing off each item in turn to cut through the gloom of monochrome England, as long as you keep your […]

Vivit post funera virtus

Think Nottingham.  Think Nottingham Castle, Sherwood Forest, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, St Ann’s, the Gunn family.  Think panic as the city centre roads slyly make you double back on yourself, or head unexpectedly to Mansfield, or pass the same implacable pub over and over like a nightmarish re-working of an MC Escher lithograph.  Working […]

The Bluebird Migration Project, Week Two

Jon is halfway through the Specials’ European tour; one-quarter of the way through the whole thing.  The European response to the Bluebird Migration Project so far has been subdued, if not bemused: Our Man in Havana has been followed by passers-by trying to return “dropped” CDs to him, believing that he’s simply forgetful (Jon, let’s […]

Gig Alert: Bluebird Acoustic – Acoustic Rooms, the Rescue Rooms, Nottingham – Monday, October 3rd 2011

A wordy heading that nonetheless says what needs to be said.  Acoustic Rooms is the Nottingham venue’s regular open mic night “with a difference”, according to their website: “Acoustic Rooms seeks to unearth new talent such as Dog is Dead, Harleighblu, Jake Bugg, Frontiers and Maniere des Bohemiens, as well as put on special guest […]