Sent to Coventry

Last Friday, we supported Special Brew at the Arches in Coventry, a snooker hall-cum-venue set back on an industrial estate next to a set of imposing railway arches (get it?) with echoes and shadows straight out of a Midlands gangster flick, if there is such a thing.  Special Brew is a nine-piece 2Tone covers band, […]

“Post”age Stamp

No, not a small, sticky, and serrated proof of payment.  More a stamp of approval and relief: good job, Joe and O.  The trans-Atlantic news today is worthy of my handmade gold owl from the East Village (only that won’t make an impression on a virtual page, so we’ll just have to pretend), or a […]

Vinyl Destination

Some of my fondest memories are of vinyl, and on vinyl, too: purchasing that crucial first record with my allowance money (either a K-Tel compilation called Hit Explosion featuring A Flock of Seagulls, Haircut One Hundred, and Toni Basil; or Men at Work’s Business as Usual, depending on whether or not a K-Tel compilation can […]

(Dawning of a) Blue Era: Special-ized at the Donkey

If, for a time, it seemed that Murphy’s Law had stepped in to engineer the Leicester leg of the Special-ized Charity Album Launch gig, the night itself proved that we needn’t have feared.  Here’s a photo to show that we were there (I’m loving the faux-fur fuchsia cushion dampening the bass drum): And here’s a […]

Sold Out

Errr…no, sorry, we haven’t been asked to provide the backing track for the latest L’Oréal shampoo commercial (but we are worth it!).  What has actually happened is that the Leicester Special-ized album launch gig on March 3rd has now SOLD OUT.  That’s 150 tickets at £5 a ticket, or £750 going straight to the Teenage […]


For those of you who couldn’t make last night’s gig at the Musician, you missed a wonderful evening.  Malc (welcome back!) was kept busy on the desk as he had to accommodate, in set order, Fatbwoi (one person), Fay Brotherhood (two people: Steve Bentley was filling in on pheasant feathers and bodhran, since Fay’s usual […]


Just a quick post wishing you all a happy Year of the Dragon 2012/4710.  My sources tell me that the Dragon, the most powerful of the zodiac signs, is typically dominant, ambitious, passionate, and driven.  Our Jon is a Wood Dragon: “Wood Dragons also are willing to entertain the opinions of others. Their artistic side […]