The Bluebird Migration Project, Year 1 1/2

Over a year since its inception, the Bluebird Migration Project is still going, er…strong.  That is to say, we still have faith in it, even though we have no clue whether the majority of our “dropped” CDs are being picked up, listened to, incinerated, or taken into the local police station under the Terrorism Act.  […]

(Typewriting) Machines of Loving Grace

We had a gig and EP pseudo-launch on Sunday, February 10th.  Thank you to those who attended and joined us in celebration of: 1. The Year of the Snake, my maternal grandmother’s birth year. 2. Cameron going against type with the Equal Marriage Bill. 3. Individually hand-made CD labels.  Will, 0ur bass player, was not […]

Why do today…

…what you can put off until tomorrow?  Procrastination runs in my genes, which may explain why it’s taken until February 2013 for me to acknowledge the New Year and proffer even the most cursory blog update.  We saw our 2012 gigging extravaganza out in style with a giddily grand time supporting The Men They Couldn’t […]

December Already!

As Sandy Denny mused nearly four decades ago, “Who knows where the time goes?”  I’m going to do some more lazy blogging, simply because I’m fast running out of that precious commodity before our next gig.  So – I’ll set the scene: Saturday December 8th, the Musician Pub, us supporting British folk-punk legends who still […]

America the Beautiful

“I have never been more hopeful for the future.”


Two days post-autumnal equinox: an old hurricane drifting in the Atlantic has bequeathed torrential rain and gale force winds upon the United Kingdom, Beth Orton whispers across the radio wires and Richard Hawley answers back, the stray cat pads a melancholy and discordant tune in the dust on the piano.  The house feels unsettled.  I’m […]

Foxy Business

Just a very quick post without any structural quirks (I’ve been asked, politely but firmly by certain members of the band who shall remain unnamed, never to write a post backwards again): We’ll be talking to Jonny Bance on Radio Fox, the radio station for Leicester Royal Infirmary and Glenfield Hospital, on Saturday, September 8th […]