Song Bio #2: From the Headland

Ironically, unlike half a dozen of the other tracks on this album, the music for this wasn’t conceived at the Anglesey retreat for which it is named.  It was the last song that Jon wrote before we started recording, an afterthought in 12/8 inspired by a late-night session listening to Ron Sexsmith.  I find the time signature irresistible, […]

Driving Through Norway

We have now done five and a half days’ worth of recording our 13 tracks for Songs from the Headland with sound engineer Adam Ellis at Deadline Studios in Leicester (  Adam’s studio alchemy and golden ears should have alerted us to paranormal prospects of this venture, or is it just that I am feeling especially spiritual tonight? […]


Cripes, this is getting post-modern.  I started this blog post back in 2014 and got about half-way through.  Since that time, we’ve had a website facelift (thank you, lovely John at and a bespoke, handcrafted logo (thank you, lovely Sasha Silberman-Hanks), and I’ve spent hours fiddling with the photos and trying to get to grips with […]


Um, so…at the Live Acoustic Special in just over a week’s time, we’ll be joining: (Not too bad there with the monikers, Jon.) For the Priory, we’ll be going as a four-piece of Styx, Thure, Jon, and me.  We had a brief run-through last night, and the pastry brushes sounded rather brilliant – they don’t […]

Bluebell Parade

  This is a photo taken from the BBC website, ©Scott Hughes.  It could just as well be Jon looking through the wrong end of his new varifocals.  Spring is upon us, and change – not just of the eye-wear variety, not just of the aging variety – is in the air.  The blog has […]

September Song

A Sunday in September: time to crawl out from under the shadows of summer, rub the crust of nostalgia from our eyes, and face the internet again.  Firstly, in solidarity: Need I offer any more comment on the current craziness of the world?  As an antidote to misogyny, to chemical weapons and governmental hypocrisy, to […]

See you at GlastonBlaby…

Last weekend’s Glastonbury highlights of the Rolling Stones and the xx already passé? Come join us for two good causes and a great day of music on Saturday, July 6th. We’re on first at 12:00, fresh from a private party the night before at the Boat Club in Nottingham; dividing amoeba-like afterwards to disparate locations as […]