Bluebird Parade - Songs from the Headland album cover

It’s here!  Our second full-length album, Songs From the Headland, is available now in CD format (album launch date October 17th, 2015).  You can purchase it through iTunes (digital album/digital tracks), Amazon (CD and digital album/digital tracks), and other sites of similar ilk.

You can also buy it at gigs, by hassling us in private, or by contacting us through the website Contact page, Facebook, or Twitter.  Payment when you order from us directly is via Paypal to, or via cheque (in GBP) made out to M Nagel.  For deliveries within the UK, cost per CD (including postage and handling) is £10.  If you live outside of the UK, please get in touch with us before ordering.

Our debut album, The Wednesday Night Island, is also available in CD format.  We pride ourselves on the eclecticism of this album, so if you’re in the mood for a particular style but aren’t familiar with our songs, check out the Blagger’s Guide below.












The Arrival (Introducing the band.  The sound builds to an affirmation; the lyrics are inspired by Shaun Tan’s book of the same name.)

Coup de Soleil (Cool art-rock with a dodgy French accent in the choruses.)

At Last We Understand Each Other (A mellow, funky groove with conversational brass and lyrical bite.)

Brother and Sister (The Brothers Grimm filtered through an industrial back-beat and Jon’s snake-charming, muted trumpet.)

Make it Better (A lilting love song that keeps your hips moving so your heart doesn’t break.)

The Throat, The Thumb, the Kill (Dirty, sexy baritone sax and Green Day guitar conspire to wreak inevitable moral destruction.)

Bittersweet (Seascape of melancholy and regret; starts sparse and ends lush.)

When Will You Learn? (Bluesy rock-poem stained with the morning after the night before.)

You Don’t Hold Me (Mellow nouveau-lounge with trombone and a lovely nylon-string guitar solo. Don’t be fooled by the vibe – the lyrics are dark underneath.)

Death of Imagination (The creative struggle can be found in the salt wind on an empty boardwalk.  Plaintive harmonies call to mind Trashcan Sinatras – one of Ming and Jon’s favourite bands.)

In Case You Fail (Contemplation of a life, with belting brass riff and musical twists and turns.)

Motorway (Urgent, trombone and guitar-driven atmospheric pop song about loss.)

Snowblind (Existential musings from the wilderness; angelic choral harmonies underpinned by Mark’s gentle guitar and a long flugel note.)

Special thanks to Su Robinson, Wil Walker, Daphne Tucker, and Jim Lindsay for their musical contributions to The Wednesday Night Island.