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Foxy Business

Just a very quick post without any structural quirks (I’ve been asked, politely but firmly by certain members of the band who shall remain unnamed, never to write a post backwards again): We’ll be talking to Jonny Bance on Radio Fox, the radio station for Leicester Royal Infirmary and Glenfield Hospital, on Saturday, September 8th […]

The White Album

Not just any vinyl.  WHITE vinyl.  Not just any 13 songs.  13 SPECIALIZED songs.  Not just any track listing.  SIDE ONE, TRACK ONE.  Get in! And a reminder from Mr Willo: “Go to- www.specializedcharityalbum.co.uk for all your SPECIALIZED needs. All the releases are there including the new 7″ vinyl Ep and the brand new 13 […]

Memento vivere

Burt: What’s it like? Leonard Shelby: It’s like waking. It’s like you just woke up. Burt: That must suck. It’s all backwards. Like, maybe you got an idea about what you want to do next but you don’t remember what you just did. 8. 7. And that’s us caught up, for now. Plus, here is […]

Camden Bound

Tomorrow evening, we’ll be playing semi-acoustically at InSpiral Lounge in Camden.  Andrew Crayford will be performing after us with his band the Kosmos, and the evening is also the launch of his ten-day photographic exhibition, “Illuminated London”.  He has set this up in partnership with Special-ized, so entry to the venue is free, but any […]

Bluebird Paradise

It was the source of much amusement for us to be billed for the Belper Exile Fest under our burlesque alter-ego: …and the weather was far from utopian, but the rain held off last Friday night, so all was good.  We loved the idyllic setting, the friendly atmosphere, and especially the traffic light at the […]


…and ye shall receive.  Here are the permanent Dropbox/mp3 versions of the songs we played for Tony Wadsworth’s Clock Tower Hour.  Isn’t the BBC great! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/93jjulyzhbkr9rb/dqY91aQodD

BBP Rocks Radio Leicester

Because we can’t figure out how to save the Clock Tower Hour of Tony Wadsworth’s radio show from last Saturday – it all seems to involve copyright infringement of some kind or another -, you have a mere two days to Listen Again to our debut live, open-air, BBC Radio Leicester performance.  Use the hours […]

Bluebird: de Rigueur

Wikipedia (why? because I’m sad) says that the Leicester Clock Tower is the “de rigueur meeting place” in the city centre.  And no truer words were writ, at least not in respect of this Saturday, June 16th.  That’s when Bluebird Parade will be doing a live acoustic set – okay, two songs – at said […]

Sent to Coventry

Last Friday, we supported Special Brew at the Arches in Coventry, a snooker hall-cum-venue set back on an industrial estate next to a set of imposing railway arches (get it?) with echoes and shadows straight out of a Midlands gangster flick, if there is such a thing.  Special Brew is a nine-piece 2Tone covers band, […]

“Post”age Stamp

No, not a small, sticky, and serrated proof of payment.  More a stamp of approval and relief: good job, Joe and O.  The trans-Atlantic news today is worthy of my handmade gold owl from the East Village (only that won’t make an impression on a virtual page, so we’ll just have to pretend), or a […]