Forms of (Transglobal) Expression

Scenes from the inaugural Project Blackbird set at The Borderline in London on May 2nd, supporting the phenomenon that is Little Hurricane, both captured by the lovely Dave Gurman:


For those unfamiliar with the refurbished Borderline, no this is not an airlocked portal to Michel Faber’s imagination in The Book of Strange New Things.  It’s the corridor leading to the loos.  Good though.

And okay yes, this post is arriving a long time after I started it, hence the sense of delayed reaction, but tardiness gives me a chance to squeeze in news about our contribution to Specialized this year.  Specialized 6 is Gifted, a tribute to The Jam, and we ourselves were gifted the opportunity to spread our wings with a track none of us had heard before, Trans-Global Express.  When you can actually decipher Weller’s lyrics, it’s pretty heart-stopping.  We recorded the drum track, guitars, and trombone at home, and did the rest plus mixing in a day at Neil Segrott’s Tiny Studios in Leicester: tabla (Hari Trevedi), other brass, woodwinds, and miscellany; and vocals; truly enjoyable.  

This is what Specialized had to say about it: “Spirit, passion, imagination, creativity, attitude. These are what music has always been about for me. It’s why I got into the artists that I did. It’s what I hoped for when we selected The Jam. This is precisely what I was hoping someone would do. Bluebird Parade have done all of that in their version of Trans-Global Express. Outstanding”.  We’re the first track on Disc 4. 

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