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ThIMG_5382is will be a short, but heart-felt post in between sleep and waking and work and music.  If you are a regular visitor to this website or our Facebook page, you may have noticed some new and rather good band publicity photos making an appearance – Clash-y ones for our Specialized charity single, outdoor vignettes atop and inside our friend Andy’s vintage Land Rover, and most of all interior shots taken in – well, I won’t reveal the venue or the original backdrop, because that might spoil the mystique.

These photos were taken by a man named Haluk Gurer, whom we met through a mutual love of music  at the Flowerpot in Derby, where he is the resident band photographer.  Haluk has expressed support and interest in Bluebird Parade ever since, and the admiration and warmth are mutual.  When the time came, it seemed natural to ask him to take our publicity photos.  Luckily for us he agreed.  With a quiet air of diligence and calm he gave up a Sunday afternoon to trek over to rural Leicestershire, set up his equipment, oversee our placement of a stuffed crow, misplace his glasses, tolerate a drummer’s bare knees, ignore fart jokes, monitor seven different facial expressions at once, adjust lighting, wait through the punk-era costume change, and encourage us to pick up our instruments and play.  (He also very wonderfully called one of us, “Stick”.)

Following that, Haluk liaised tirelessly with me via e-mail to formulate a shortlist of the hundreds of shots and accommodate my changing whims and feedback.  He has spent countless hours constructing backgrounds, cutting digital hair – really – , experimenting with effects, and processing the results.  He has been a consummate professional and a gentle, enigmatic presence throughout, so on behalf of Bluebird Parade I would like to take advantage of the world-wide web and acknowledge this publically.  Thank you, Haluk.  It has been a joy to work with you, and we hope to have the privilege of doing so again in the future.  Long live independent music – and photography!

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