20 May 2014 smallerUm, so…at the Live Acoustic Special in just over a week’s time, we’ll be joining:

(Not too bad there with the monikers, Jon.)

For the Priory, we’ll be going as a four-piece of Styx, Thure, Jon, and me.  We had a brief run-through last night, and the pastry brushes sounded rather brilliant – they don’t call us “tasteful” for nothing.  It will be the first time we’ve gone (semi) acoustic in a long time, so please come down and join us – and don’t forget, the night runs to a tight timetable so make sure you’re early.  The £3 entry fee goes to Oxfam.

But before that, we’ll be making our debut outing as a full band with Thure at the Musician, supporting Jersey Budd et al:


Speaking of debuts, we’ll be airing a total of three new songs within these two gigs.  In fact, if you decide to come to both shows, your total Bluebird individual song value for money would be something like £1.63.  And if you mention that sum and this blog post to me at one or the other, I’ll happily contribute the same towards the drink of your choice.  Cheers!





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  1. richard
    richard says:

    I am the person who your cd at pauls party and I must say that it is very good,tracks 3 9 12 I think you should try get them out there some how ,if there is another cd coming out please let me know ,if its as good as the one I got then you should do well

    • ming
      ming says:

      Richard, it’s lovely to come onto our website (badly in need of a blog update, which I will do soon) and read your kind comment. We are definitely aiming to record our next CD early in 2015 and will keep you updated via the website and Facebook. Many thanks again for staying in touch. Ming


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