(Typewriting) Machines of Loving Grace

We had a gig and EP pseudo-launch on Sunday, February 10th.  Thank you to those who attended and joined us in celebration of:

1. The Year of the Snake, my maternal grandmother’s birth year.

2. Cameron going against type with the Equal Marriage Bill.

3. Individually hand-made CD labels.  Will, 0ur bass player, was not the only one to ask how I managed to fit the CDs into my typewriter without breaking them.  Here is an artfully arranged photo of the EPs we gave away for free, plus a copy of sound engineer/producer Dave Tidmarsh’s business card, which you can print and cut out for your wallet if you didn’t manage to pick one up at the gig.









4. Mark’s new guitar and matching purple strap.

5. Strong, intelligent, and creative women making great music.  This time, it was Siobhan Mazzei and Meri Everitt – we don’t necessarily try to get female artists to play with us, but isn’t it nice when it works out that way?



6. Sunday afternoons and free entry for under-16s.  We are shameless in our attempts to win over the younger generation to Bluebird Parade.  If you don’t believe us, check out Pearl (this shot was taken before her attempt at stage-diving):




7. Specialized 2.

8. Familiar and unfamiliar faces in the audience.

9. Talented, clandestine, and generous photographers who like to add to their portfolios by going to local gigs and then posting the resulting photos on Facebook.  A big thank you goes out this time to Philip J Vernon – visit him at www.philipjvernon.co.uk .  I’ve added his photos to the website Home, Gallery, and Band pages, but here are a few more examples (he also took the ones above of Siobhan and Meri and co.  Unfortunately, there are no individual shots of Styx, and the full band photos have his head obscured by a crash cymbal – such is the plight of the drummer):

PhilipJVernon - Russ vox - 10.02PhilipJVernon - Jon flugel - 10.02

PhilipJVernon - Mark laugh - 10.02PhilipJVernon - Will profile - 10.02

PhilipJVernon - Ming deep - 10.02



10. Malc (as always).

If you were there and have anything to add to the list of celebratory items, please post a comment below.  If you were not there, even better!  And in the current absence of gig alerts,  please listen to the new recordings on the sidebar and let us know what you think (as of February 18th, I don’t think I have added the new songs correctly, but if you click with enough enthusiasm, you should get there eventually.  I do prefer the typewriter).

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