Memento vivere

Burt: What’s it like?
Leonard Shelby: It’s like waking. It’s like you just woke up.
Burt: That must suck. It’s all backwards. Like, maybe you got an idea about what you want to do next but you don’t remember what you just did.

7. And that’s us caught up, for now.

Plus, here is a video of Martha in a live session on The Beat at the BBC.
You can learn more and check out her album The State of the Art at
If you haven’t heard of her, she is a wonderful singer-songwriter who will have her guitar and a string section on the night.
Amazing that she is not too-big-to-say-yes (not yet); we’ll grab her while we can.
After Leah and Jenny, Martha Bean will play.
They’re still too bohemian for a website, but we’ve unearthed a a photo that’s so pixelated it looks like the start of the kind of movie you shouldn’t be watching…but I just couldn’t figure out how to lift the whole video from Facebook:

You may remember Jenny and Leah from the Musician – irreverent spirit, mischievous covers, spine-tingling harmonies.
Our support acts are confirmed, and we couldn’t ask for better.
6. And finally – the countdown is on for our gig at the Donkey on Saturday, September 15th.

The drums are down, and Will weaves his bass magic next week, if he can remember how many songs we’re doing.
The talented Dave Tidmarsh is behind the sound at his new studio in Syston, Leicestershire.
5. Point of Interest: we are re-recording two songs from The Wednesday Night Island, and two older songs that aren’t on the album, for a forthcoming EP featuring our current line-up.

Jon Read: hero of the local rags.
I’ll spare you the “best moments” recap, but suffice it to say Jon brought home gold (Leicester Mercury pre-Hyde Park, front page), silver (Melton Times pre-Hyde Park, solo article and Bluebird namecheck, inner page), and two bronze “meddles” (Leicester Mercury post-Hyde Park, apparently the only one in the band to have his image displayed on a giant screen, p.7; Melton Times post-Hyde Park, solo article and Bluebird namecheck but no photo, inner page).
4. You can’t have missed the Olympics (…can you?).

And most excitingly, the non-ska band vinyl 7″ featuring Lushy, This Modern Youth, and us is now available – a free Horace Panter 7″ single accompanies any purchase.
In the meantime, we’re mentioned in @VinylJack’s review of the charity album –
It really is turning into the must-attend festival of the year, and now includes the “Specialized All-Stars” playing on Friday: Winston Reedy, (Sir) Horace (Gentleman) Panter, Tim Smart, Nikolaj Torp-Larsen, Drew Stansall, Stan Samuel, Dave Anderson, and our own Jon Read.

We can’t wait for the Big One (October 19-21).
3. No post would be complete without a Special-ized roundup, so here goes.

It was a great afternoon and evening, albeit punctured briefly by a sobering episode near the locks – so, if you are the thin, teetering red-headed young woman with the polka-dot mac and empty bottle of vodka in her hand, we’re still thinking of you, and hope you made it home safely.
We were also especially touched by the efforts of Supertim (Smart) the Tongue, one-third of the Specials’ brass section and, like Jon, fresh off the bus from their gig in Aix-aux-Bains, to get across town to InSpiral and jump in on songs he’d never played before: the mark of a true professional, and a true friend.
Big thanks again from us to Andrew Crayford, and to the magnificently understated axeman Thure Gade Johansen.
She was also blown away by Andrew Crayford and the Kosmos, so we’ll let her words fill in the gaps here:
We were a bit dubious about the quality of our set, as we were struggling to hear each other onstage, but Michelle Oldman was there, and she thought otherwise, as her review will attest.
The gig itself was well-attended and raised more money for Special-ized and the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Here we are waiting to see who is going to find the CD that he put on top of the crosswalk signal box.
Will was born for espionage and quickly got the technique down pat.
We even did a few cheeky Migration drops.
Tempting as it was to get lost in the wilds, we did return – but not before having a splendid afternoon wandering the streets.
You could be forgiven for thinking we never made it back.
2. The previous post saw us on our way to Camden.

It’s the Arrival, which is basically our warm-up song, so you’ll just have to imagine us kicking into the main set afterwards.
1. First of all, I’m going to rewind to the Belper Exile Festival and point you in the direction of a YouTube video that features us and a few of the other bands that played there (there are other videos on YouTube if you want to catch the full line-up).

A little confusion is good for the mind.
It’s also summer, and summer means cinematic blockbusters, so in honor of the genius that is Christopher Nolan (before the Dark Knight, there was Memento), I’m writing this blog in reverse order.
It’s been a long time since the last post; there’s a lot to get through, but I guess that means we’ve been doing a good job living….

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