Camden Bound

Tomorrow evening, we’ll be playing semi-acoustically at InSpiral Lounge in Camden.  Andrew Crayford will be performing after us with his band the Kosmos, and the evening is also the launch of his ten-day photographic exhibition, “Illuminated London”.  He has set this up in partnership with Special-ized, so entry to the venue is free, but any much-appreciated donations will go to the Teenage Cancer Trust.  Here’s a sample of his artwork:

We’re having a Bluebird road trip complete with a fully-packed van and handwritten directions and will hopefully meet Jon, who has sandwiched this gig in between Lake Geneva with the Specials and Newcastle with the South, in time to sample the vegan delights of what looks like an affirmatively progressive venue.  Oh, and…you already know about Thure covering for Mark, but there may be another “Special” guest (how many times does that old chestnut get peeled?) on hand as well to fill out the brass section….

“In Camden town I’ll meet you
By the underground
In Camden town, we’ll walk there
As the sun goes down
In Camden town
In Camden town, you can do anything
You want to”

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