Camden Bound

Tomorrow evening, we’ll be playing semi-acoustically at InSpiral Lounge in Camden.  Andrew Crayford will be performing after us with his band the Kosmos, and the evening is also the launch of his ten-day photographic exhibition, “Illuminated London”.  He has set this up in partnership with Special-ized, so entry to the venue is free, but any much-appreciated donations will go to the Teenage Cancer Trust.  Here’s a sample of his artwork:

We’re having a Bluebird road trip complete with a fully-packed van and handwritten directions and will hopefully meet Jon, who has sandwiched this gig in between Lake Geneva with the Specials and Newcastle with the South, in time to sample the vegan delights of what looks like an affirmatively progressive venue.  Oh, and…you already know about Thure covering for Mark, but there may be another “Special” guest (how many times does that old chestnut get peeled?) on hand as well to fill out the brass section….

“In Camden town I’ll meet you
By the underground
In Camden town, we’ll walk there
As the sun goes down
In Camden town
In Camden town, you can do anything
You want to”

Bluebird Paradise

It was the source of much amusement for us to be billed for the Belper Exile Fest under our burlesque alter-ego:

…and the weather was far from utopian, but the rain held off last Friday night, so all was good.  We loved the idyllic setting, the friendly atmosphere, and especially the traffic light at the end of the driveway into the site.  The crowd was unfortunately not in great attendance at the time of our set – something about the Olympic Torch, or had the festival pizza oven started working again? – which was their loss, because I thought we were terrific.  We are becoming more confident playing as a unit, and the songs are taking a shape beyond what we envisioned and enacted when we recorded them.  More gigs, please!

Afterwards, Mark reminisced about performances past from atop a bale of straw; Will had fretted initially about being overdressed, but after seeing BB Blackdog’s outfits, we decided he had nothing to worry about.  We developed elaborate fantasies inspired by their bassist’s gimp mask, the sight of which had frightened Russ’s family away, and even gave away a couple of Bluebird Parade business cards (only 998 to go) before heading back home.  Here are some photos that have just arrived from festival photographer Stuart F. Steele’s magic box of tricks:









He took hundreds of great shots, and I’ll upload some more into the Gallery soon.  But one of my favorites of the evening was taken by the lovely Phoebe Coleman on an iPhone:

Sadly, our next festival isn’t until the Big One in October, but with the way the weather’s going, we’re probably better off indoors.  Next up is a semi-acoustic set in Camden on July 14th with Thure Gade Johansen filling in for Mark on guitar.  He’s Danish, with a penchant for funk and a tattoo of a flaming guitar on his forearm – if you want to know anything else, you’ll have to join us at InSpiral.