…and ye shall receive.  Here are the permanent Dropbox/mp3 versions of the songs we played for Tony Wadsworth’s Clock Tower Hour.  Isn’t the BBC great!

BBP Rocks Radio Leicester

Because we can’t figure out how to save the Clock Tower Hour of Tony Wadsworth’s radio show from last Saturday – it all seems to involve copyright infringement of some kind or another -, you have a mere two days to Listen Again to our debut live, open-air, BBC Radio Leicester performance.  Use the hours wisely:  (also featured – Toyah Wilcox on the Walk of Fame, the Equality and Diversity officer at Leicester Council of Faiths, Carol Leeming, and a local cop reminiscing about the Beatles’ concert at deMontfort Hall.  We’re about 2.30 in).

Uncannily – see “deRigueur” post below -, Tony refers to us as “Bluebird Paradise” in the first half of his studio show (did you think I wouldn’t listen?).

To tell the truth, it was all a bit stressful initially; we took the name of the show too literally and didn’t realize the radio car was around the corner, so were waiting for about half an hour at the Clock Tower thinking they hadn’t arrived yet.  But we met up eventually, and things fell into place.  After Tony played a track by Cliff Richard we launched straight into “music to slash your wrists by”, i.e. In Case You Fail.  Tony – an inimitable host – admitted that he had been expecting something “dour”, and sounded genuinely surprised when he announced, “Hey – you guys rock!”…You couldn’t make it up.

The wind was blowing, the passers-by were casting quizzical glances, but the rain held off and we had glorious flugel action on At Last We Understand Each Other.  How else could you follow the Foundations’ Build Me Up Buttercup?

Styx was enjoying the feel of a cold public bench through thin trousers; naturally, Mark scowled at the paps:

…but we had a good time anyway, and loved the oddity of it all.  It had the feel of busking, but without the pressure of hoping for spare change.  Special thanks to Tony, Julie, and producer Becca from BBC Radio Leicester for supporting local original music; to Tunde, Rob, and Lusy for coming to see us; and to Tunde for the photos – more of which can be seen in the Gallery.

Bluebird: de Rigueur

Wikipedia (why? because I’m sad) says that the Leicester Clock Tower is the “de rigueur meeting place” in the city centre.  And no truer words were writ, at least not in respect of this Saturday, June 16th.  That’s when Bluebird Parade will be doing a live acoustic set – okay, two songs – at said Clock Tower, for Tony Wadsworth’s show on BBC Radio Leicester.  No Will or Russ, I’m afraid; they have some important grocery shopping to do (unless that was a ruse and they are actually going to buy a guitarist from John Lewis as a band surprise – guys?), so it will just be Mark, Jon, Styx and his snare drum, and me.  And Tony Wadsworth, and a microphone, if you want to get technical about it.  11:30 a.m. to 12 noon – be there, or be near a radio, or both: in defiance of the British summer, we have politely requested that the rain hold off until we are finished.  By the way, did you know that in 1484 Berehill Cross stood on a mound at the site of the current Clock Tower, and that beneath it was a set of stocks, pillory, and cage for the “punishment of delinquents”?

(photo not from 1484)

After stardom on the airways, we will make our way to the Belper Exile Festival on June 29th, where we have cleverly been billed under our alias, “Bluebird Paradise”.  Really, our plan to go incognito needs no explanation, but if you’re wondering, we were a little worried that Mr Wadsworth and his cronies might follow us to Derbyshire.  These media folk know no boundaries; you can never be too careful.