“Post”age Stamp

No, not a small, sticky, and serrated proof of payment.  More a stamp of approval and relief: good job, Joe and O.  The trans-Atlantic news today is worthy of my handmade gold owl from the East Village (only that won’t make an impression on a virtual page, so we’ll just have to pretend), or a third-encore feet stamp from the crowd like the Simone Felice Group got in Nottingham last week (heart-stoppingly good).  I’ll slip this in while I’m still feeling proud: did you know that I’m American?  And hey, good job to Bluebird Parade too.  My off-form banter notwithstanding, we had a cracking set at the Musician last Sunday.  And we’re off to a snooker lounge in support of Special Brew tomorrow.  Anyway, this is just a quick post to check that you’re still paying attention…we’ll do some catching up over the weekend, and I’ll tell you all about it then.

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