Vinyl Destination

Some of my fondest memories are of vinyl, and on vinyl, too: purchasing that crucial first record with my allowance money (either a K-Tel compilation called Hit Explosion featuring A Flock of Seagulls, Haircut One Hundred, and Toni Basil; or Men at Work’s Business as Usual, depending on whether or not a K-Tel compilation can possibly count); slow-dancing solo in the living room as a moody teenager to Pornography by the Cure; digging a $1 copy of Strange Kind of Love by Love and Money out of the used LP sale on the Amherst town green (they were pretty obscure in the States, you see).  So I am rawthah excited that soon I will be able to watch Bluebird Parade go round and round on the turntable.  Listen, for those of you who don’t Facebook – and how could I blame you? – I will report the news verbatim.  It’s from the Special-ized page, of course – and yes, we will ride that particular seventh wave for as long as we can:

“With the CD upon us any day now- we are proud to announce that the vinyl album sampler will be available shortly. On top of this JumpUp Records in the USA are releasing a 7″ EP on vinyl featuring four tracks from the album! The EP will feature King Hammond, Roland Gift & The Values, Lee Thompson and Orange street. Another single featuring Bluebird Parade and Prince Edward Island to follow that! we will keep you informed as these will be very limited edition so it will get it then or miss out. Artist Harry Pye (of Team Beswick & Pye) is also designing very rare prints to give away with first few bought. Exciting times.”

More news in due course.  I’m off to blow dust out of some grooves.

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