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2012 has only been with us for one week, and I’m already acquiring new skills.  Witness the new addition to our website sidebar (I believe the technical term is a “widget”; how silkily it flies from my typing fingers) containing our YouTube debut.  Jon advised it would take hours to figure out how to put our video on the website: replieth I, Watch Me.  Mere minutes later, and visitors to are now able to revel in our monochrome glory over and over and over again…thanks, WordPress!

So yes, contributing to the Special-ized charity album for Teenage Cancer Trust just gets more and more exciting.  We’ve had a blast recording and can’t wait to hear the full versions of the other covers.  So far I’m particularly smitten with Imani Hekima’s gorgeously melancholy version of Stereotype, but all the snippets we’ve listened to are outstanding.  We hope you like our version of the Specials’ punked-out classic (Dawning of a) New Era (brass riffs with baritone sax, laid-back drums, in-your-face electric guitar, deadpan vocals, a muted trumpet solo, and carefully placed parentheticals – what’s not to like?).  But if you do, or if you don’t but simply want to rack up good karma early on in the year, please remember to hold off from downloading until the official charity album is available through or

As for the gigs, we’ve been liaising with Leicester’s “small venue with a big reputation”, the Donkey Bar, and a few other bands to organize the Leicester leg of the Special-ized album launch and promotional fundraiser.  It’s looking like it will happen in early March, but we’ll keep you apprised.  In the meantime, keep on giving in whatever way you can….

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