Sold Out

Errr…no, sorry, we haven’t been asked to provide the backing track for the latest L’Oréal shampoo commercial (but we are worth it!).  What has actually happened is that the Leicester Special-ized album launch gig on March 3rd has now SOLD OUT.  That’s 150 tickets at £5 a ticket, or £750 going straight to the Teenage Cancer Trust, courtesy of the Special-ized project, Punks Not Dad, By the Rivers, DJ Blink Cyclone, us, and the good folk at the Donkey – all before we’ve even played.  How cool is that?

Speaking of cool, here’s another radio interview re: Special-ized, this time with Paul Willo talking to Near FM “Ska Patrol”.  Our track gets played, and you can hear the words “Bluebird Parade” in a Dublin accent:

I know that’s almost too much excitement for one day, but I can’t resist adding the hot-off-the-press – but equally cool – news that we will be supporting soulful septet Stone Foundation (who supported the Specials last year) for the Leicester leg of their 2012 tour at the Musician on Sunday, May 6th.  It’s the night before a bank holiday, so there are no excuses not to be there; bring your talcum powder and your dancing shoes, and visit them beforehand at  Another sell-out?  Let’s hope so.

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