Hey, Over Here [makes dog whistle sound]…Gig Alerts

Now that I can embed HTML code as easily as snapping my fingers, I thought I’d be bold and post two timely videos in order to publicize two of our upcoming gigs (it’s all becoming a bit “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, but so far I’m in control – honest).  The first one is a feast for the senses from the fabulous Magic Tombolinos – the kind of band where you just have to insert an awestruck adjective in between the definite article and the actual name – who, we are excited to report, we are supporting on Thursday, January 26th, at the Musician Pub in Leicester.  Or should that be “whom”?  Either way, please check them out.   I’ve cribbed the following from their website, www.magictombolinos.co.uk:

Led by Alejandro Toledo (Bachelor in Classical Saxophone Performance, Masters in Gypsy Saxophone Performance, and currently a PhD candidate in Romani Performance Practices), this high energy band delivers some of the most exciting performances.

“Our ever-evolving musical idiom reflects the way we think and live. Our music, among other things, is a conjunction of various influences (Classical, Rock, Gypsy, African, Middle-Eastern, Latin, and Hip-Hop rhythms) which we bring from places we have lived, visited, or simply the music we like, and have filtered through our own distinct voice.” A.

Classical gypsy hip-hop?!  We can’t believe our luck that we are going to watch them locally, and for free!  As for the rest of you, tickets are £7, and if you get them directly from us, we may be able to earn enough money to pay for Laura’s petrol from Mansfield.

Oh yeah, and the video:

Of course, we are getting EQUALLY excited about the Leicester branch of the Special-ized (am I the only one who bothers to insert the hyphen anymore?) Launch on Saturday, March 3rd at the Donkey.  Wow – Punks Not Dad, Bluebird Parade, and By the Rivers – almost as eclectic among the three of us as the Magic Tombolinos are by themselves.  It’s going to be a “special” night, indeed – and the £5 for a ticket will go, naturally, to the Teenage Cancer Trust.  Buy them now while they’re still available – the Edinburgh launch gig is already sold out.  www.pineapstertickets.com/venues/2968

Here is Bluebird Parade’s own promotional video for the whole project.  Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental:

That’s it for now.  Further gig details are listed below.  And if you think they make this post too visually sprawling, well…you aren’t the one in charge of the brooms, are you.

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