Winter Coats

It has now been over a week since our full-band gig at the Musician, so apologies for the delayed report.  I have been too busy preparing my winter coat – a lovely euphemism overheard on the radio for the extra padding acquired through holiday excess and general hibernation, and one that also reminds me of Dan Simmons’ odd and affecting epic, The Terror, a re-imagining of the failed Franklin expedition to the Arctic in the 1840s.  It doesn’t give too much away about the novel to note that the two fictionalized survivors are saved by a diet of seal blubber.  I was thinking more of cheesecake, and pork and apple sausages.

The Musician gig went well.  I’m sorry we don’t have any photos to share, but we forgot to take a camera.  Have a look at the old Musician photos in the Gallery instead – the hypothetical ones from November 6th would have been similar: just as blurry, but with slightly different outfits.  Support act Calder McLaughlin couldn’t make it after all, but there was a strong showing from Leah and Jenny, who performed a diverse range of covers from Massive Attack’s Teardrop to the Backin’ Up Song from YouTube.  They were riveting and guileless and grounded – we want to hear more from them.  Thanks again to the two of them, and to all the Musician staff, and to those who braved Sunday-evening-intertia to join us.  You were just what we needed.

Sadly, with the year slowly winding up, we only have one more scheduled appearance, and that’s as an acoustic three-piece at the Priory in Loughborough on December 6th (see you there!).  However, winter coats or no, we won’t slip into complete idleness.  Styx has negotiated our first festival booking for 2012; we’ll be appearing at the Belper Exile Fest sometime in the evening on Friday, June 29th.  In the meantime, we’re trying to arrange further festival dates, so watch this space.

We’re also on a recording deadline, having been asked by Paul Willo of the Specials Forum (TheSpecials2.Com on Facebook; see our own Facebook page or the URL on our Links page) to be a part of a charity download and limited edition double-CD album for release early next year.  This will put us in the company of dozens of ska and non-ska artists, including Stone Foundation and By the Rivers, the two support bands for the last Specials tour; and established musical legends such as Rico and Roland Gift.  Everyone will be covering a different Specials track, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Teenage Cancer Trust.  It’s very exciting.  We are currently putting our heads together to figure out how to Bluebird-ify (Dawning of a) New Era, but while we’re in creative mode we may also do some recording of a different kind – you never know.

All this, and remembering to shake the homemade sloe gin too….

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