It’s a Saturday, but it feels like a Sunday, or even a Sundry, which means it’s as good a time as any to catch up on events.  There’s nothing like making a list and then crossing off each item in turn to cut through the gloom of monochrome England, as long as you keep your list written in indelible ink and well out of the wind and rain.  The sorrow of a blurred and illegible list is not ours to bear today.  The coal fire is toasting off the damp; the cat is hypnotized into lazy dreams of stoats and field voles.  Now then:

1. A Gig Alert has slipped through the net, but the keener observers among you will have already noticed that we have scheduled an acoustic slot in the Unplugged sessions at Natterjacks Bar in Leicester on October 30th.  That’s another Sunday, or should I say a real Sunday; thanks to Calder McLaughlin for organizing this one.  Mark will also be doing a solo slot, with or without Jon accompanying on flugel, and I should add here that you can now listen to some of Mark’s own tunes on Soundcloud.  (I’ll put the link on – where else? – the Links page.)

2. This feels slightly disingenuous, as I haven’t actually heard us myself, but word has it that Bluebird Parade has been getting some local airplay on 103 the Eye.  Thanks go out to DJ Duncan Cronin for this one, who is also trying to set up an on-air interview for us within the next few weeks.  We’ll keep you posted on this – but in the meantime, Melton, “It’s All About You.”

3. While we’re on the subject of interviews, look out for another one with our own JPR at some point after October 21st in the Leicester Mercury.  The plan is for Jon to have a backstage chat before going onstage to perform in front of a 6,500 strong crowd at Nottingham Arena.  How about that!  Regardless of whether the interview goes to press or not, he’s very much looking forward to giving “the hand” to any of the original band members who may stumble upon the tete-a-tete thinking it’s about them.  It’s not!  (Bluebird Parade: “It’s All About Us.”)


5. I got so emotional in that last one, and spent so much time wondering what the consequences would actually be, that I forgot to add that we will be having support on the night.  It hasn’t all been fully confirmed, but we’ve asked superlicious harmonizing duo Leah and Jenny to join us, and Darren is arranging another act as well.  We promise we’ll squeeze it all in before Sunday night bedtime, and at £5 a ticket you can’t go wrong.  No, you really can’t.

6. Finally, I guess you deserve an update on the Bluebird Migration Project.  Sadly, there is not much to tell, other than to say our hand-picked secret agents have been working tirelessly, both here and abroad.  Although we’ve had some great feedback in general, the strangers linked to the Project are keeping disappointingly mum.  Yet we who have evolved to endure English weather do not daunt easily.  Jon will continue his trail of two-tone tinged deposits over the next month as the Specials conquer the UK, so if you’re based here, keep an eye out (how much of a coincidence would that be? – someone who already reads the website finds a CD??).  We’re still trusting that those who stumble upon the music by accident and read the label will think the Migration Project is as lovely an idea as we do, and that some of them will take the time to get in touch.

7. Update Bluebird blog.

That’s it for now.  Back to the fire, and warm twitching paws –

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