The Bluebird Migration Project, Week Two

Jon is halfway through the Specials’ European tour; one-quarter of the way through the whole thing.  The European response to the Bluebird Migration Project so far has been subdued, if not bemused: Our Man in Havana has been followed by passers-by trying to return “dropped” CDs to him, believing that he’s simply forgetful (Jon, let’s see the new Le Carre film when you’re back – it may give you some tips).  We did receive a mysterious Facebook “like” from a gentleman in Madrid who was kind enough to post our link and a most excellent comment about the music on his profile page.  My mother is learning Spanish, so we recruited her as a translator to send him a message of gratitude, and to ask where he found the CD.  We’ve had no reply, however, suggesting either that he is a diffident listener to whom the element of mystery inherent in the Bluebird Migration Project appeals, or that the message was reported as spam.

The CDs are in Milan tonight, and back to Germany for the weekend.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed for contact before we start spreading the wealth to UK shores.

And readers – if you found this blog by Googling “Migration Watch”, then shame on you.

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  1. Way
    Way says:

    The US arm of the Bluebird Migration project will begin its work soon, as we have received our labels. Let’s hope Americans are more forthcoming with direct comments! We plan to leave some in the mountains and around the city of Denver. By the way, is there a way to darken the type for these comments? I can barely see what I’m writing, so not responsible for any errors! We’re excited to get going!

  2. Styx
    Styx says:

    Great updates on the website, Ming — keep up the good work!

    And Way is right; the font on the comments boxes (when you’re leaving a comment) is quite faint, small and italicised so not all that easy to read…


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