Joules Yard, July 21st 2011

Ming, Mark, and Jon ventured out for our first drop-in acoustic slot at Steve Rothero’s well-established Harborough Acoustic Sessions at Joules Yard in Market Harborough.  What a lovely outdoor venue, with equally lovely artists and audience!  Even local talent Misterlee dropped by to exchange hugs, share a pint, and charm us with his amber-tinted aviator glasses.  As an act, we were warmly and generously received, but it was a shame we hadn’t prepared more songs with flugel, as those present were so enthusiastic about the flugel part on “At Last We Understand Each Other”.  I did feel a bit guilty going back on for the second set with only vocals and guitar on offer, but next time we’ll be better prepared, and Jon will remember to bring a flannel with which to warm up his brass.

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