Kind of Blue (Bluebird Parade and the Bluebuds – The Donkey, June 4th 2011)

Jon accidentally happened upon County Durham brethren the Bluebuds, aka Justin and Kirk Boulton, when trying to Google his own band.  We liked their songs and style and invited them to support us at our first headlining gig at the Donkey, Leicester’s stellar watering-hole/venue on Welford Road.  Unfortunately, we had neglected to tell them (or ourselves) that the gig was taking place on the same day as a free music festival in Leicester.  Let’s say the crowd supporting us was small, but perfectly formed.  Justin and Kirk were suitably chilled out and earned themselves a few Midlands fans; they stopped over at our house and Justin got so much unanticipated sleep he thought the baby rabbit hiding behind the sink pedestal in the bathroom was a hallucination.