Forms of (Transglobal) Expression

Scenes from the inaugural Project Blackbird set at The Borderline in London on May 2nd, supporting the phenomenon that is Little Hurricane, both captured by the lovely Dave Gurman:   For those unfamiliar with the refurbished Borderline, no this is not an airlocked portal to Michel Faber’s imagination in The Book of Strange New Things. […]

Starring as…

Never one to follow blog promotion guidelines, I’ve let almost a year slip by since my last post, so it’s definitely time for a quick update.  First and foremost, we DO have a couple of full-band gigs coming up, so please pack your saddlebags and join us in Leicester at The Donkey on Saturday, April […]

For the Birds

Since the whole world, and the UK in particular as of June 24th, is giving off a vaguely apocalyptic vibe, it seems like a good time to post our video for Corvids, which was filmed and edited earlier this year by talented Leicester-based photographer and videographer Scott Chouciño. Track 12 on Songs from the Headland, Corvids is an anthem sprung […]

Birth Announcement

20 months in the making – not the world’s quickest gestation period – and here at last.  We’re very proud to announce the arrival of Songs from the Headland and can’t wait to share our love, energy, and hard work with you.  So let’s get busy promoting: Please join us for the album launch gig […]

Teshekkür ederim

This will be a short, but heart-felt post in between sleep and waking and work and music.  If you are a regular visitor to this website or our Facebook page, you may have noticed some new and rather good band publicity photos making an appearance – Clash-y ones for our Specialized charity single, outdoor vignettes atop […]

Download Festival?

This post started back in May with the working title, “Post-Election Blues”, but I never got around to finishing it, and thankfully things have moved on since then.  The new title refers not to this weekend’s Download Festival – we aren’t that genre-busting -, but to a veritable day of celebration next weekend.   On […]

Song Bio #3: Brother and Sister

If Brother and Sister sounds familiar, that is because it is the only song on the new album that we’ve recorded before.  Since The Wednesday Night Island, however, it has fittingly metamorphosed into a gig-closing rapture of flugel and darkness, so we have decided to give it another outing.  The rough idea for the track, first […]